Health Benefits Outweigh Reasons Why Workers Observe the National Take the Stairs Day

We know that frequent physical activity is essential to support a healthy lifestyle. But it’s often challenging to stay fit and healthy when our jobs are so hectic. Many of us surrender to the instinct to hit the elevator button when we are in a hurry. However, just as we are rethinking our dietary choices and altering our behaviors, we should make climbing the stairs a part of our routine as well. Short bursts of physical exercise, spaced out throughout the day, may make a big difference in one’s overall health and well-being.

Health Benefits When You Take the Stairs

National Take the Stairs Day fell on January 12 this year. Observed on the second Wednesday of January by the American Lung Association, this observance encourages everyone to do all they can to elevate heart rates, promoting physical health, heart, lungs, and muscles. This day reminds companies to invest in and promote worker health as a simple way to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to them. Research shows that having a healthy workforce has perks for both the company and the personnel. Here are the reasons why:

  • Fosters employee goodwill and a supportive work environment
  • Getting fewer people to be absent
  • Healthy people have better job retention
  • Bringing healthcare expenses down

Encouraging the usage of stairways can be effective when you put up signs in areas where people might choose between escalators and elevators. In fact, a study from the CDC found putting ‘Take the Stairs’ signage helpful and concluded that stairwell use is a lifestyle decision that contributes to an increased level of physical activity in general.

If employers encourage employees to take the stairs at work, they may adopt this practice more broadly, preferring to take the stairs in other situations. Placing signs such as “Take the Stairs” may also help heighten awareness about the general health advantages of physical exercise.

Of course, if you want your workers to take the stairs, making these implements safer to use, especially in industrial settings. Metal stairs work very well to ensure that workers do not tumble down because they have sturdier handrails


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